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Day 4 Tues Nov 9 MAUI 2

Our second day in MAUI I woke up before my alarm went off...maybe I am getting used to the new time zone!  I left Greg sleeping in the cabin and took my camera on a walk on the outer was about 7am and the sun was up already...but the light was perfect for taking some photos of the scenery from the docked ship...and around the ship...I especially like the lighting in the photo of the pool deck! On my way back to the cabin to wake Greg up I stopped by the Aloha Buffet and got a glass of OJ for me and a cup of coffee for Greg.  Once he got up we went to the Cadillac Diner for breakfast.  I had mixed fruit, a bran muffin, and hot chocolate.  Greg had his usual eggs, bacon and toast combo with more coffee! We really enjoyed going to the Cadillac Diner for breakfast because it was relaxed and not crowded at the option to sit outside on the deck to eat in the sunshine and balmy breeze if you prefered.

We got off the ship and met our NCL sponsored shuttle bus at 9:30.  This morning we were headed to Lahaina for a day of shops and restaurants and sight seeing.  We shopped til we dropped :)

We were dropped off first at Hilo Hatties and were greeted with a shell lei...we looked around and just purchased some local snack food to have in my purse if we got hungry.  Then we headed around the corner to Front Street...we walked alllllll the way down one side towards the famous Banyon Tree...then alllllllllll the way back the other side.  We popped in to the stores or galleries that interested us...but we didnt really buy very much that day.  Greg did get a pair of Crocs because the sandals he brought were hurting his feet really bad.  We really enjoyed looking around the Wyland of my favorite stops on Front Street. 

It was bustling with tourists and a bit crowded even on the sidewalks...and we were looking for a "local" not touristy type place to get a bite of lunch.  Our bus driver warned not to over pay for a meal because of a patio on the beach view setting.  One lady did end up paying $37 for one order of fish and chips and a glass of wine.  We found this place just off Front Street down kind of an alley between the stores that had outdoor seating under the umbrella of was simply called "The Window" and the fellow who took our order and gave my change to me then turned around and started grilling and making our meal!!! I had an amazing pulled pork sandwich Hawaiian style with crushed pineapple, sauce and coleslaw on it and Greg had a chicken rice bowl...for $6 each.  It was yummy yummy and we were both full and satisfied :)

We walked some more!  I was looking for a place to get a new set of toe rings...12 years ago I got a set on one of Greg and my first dates in California at Venice I thought it would be fun to get a set in Hawaii as a souvenir! Greg had seen a sign from the bus ride into town and we found the place!  It was on the second story of a food court type area.  The guy fitted my toes and said I was a size 1.5 and that was skinny/not average so he had quite a few types to pick from.  (see pic on my last day of trip to see the ones I picked!) 

I also stopped by a Gelato shop and had a tiny bowl of Macadamia Nut Gelato that was delicious!

Today was our warmest day so far and we were glad to get to the Banyan Tree to sit under the shade of its sprawling limbs.  The tree takes up an entire city block!!! Greg enjoyed birdwatching under the tree too.  Its located right next to the Old Lahaina Courthouse which is a historical building and has a museum inside it now that is free and the bathroom facilities are very nice too (almost took a photo of them!)

While sitting under the Banyan Tree we made our first call home to the kids to see how they are all doing and had a nice visit while waiting for our bus to pick us up.  We made one last stop to get a bottle of pineapple soda at a corner store.

Just before the bus picked us up I tripped on a curb and went down on one knee...luckily my camera was around my neck and my purse (containing the video camera) was secure over my shoulder...I didnt break anything.  My knee was slightly scrapped up but not bleeding really but it was quite a forceful hit because today 11 days since it happened if I push on it my knee is still tender to the touch and the bruise is almost cleared up...just kind of yellowish/purple now.

Well the bus picked us up around 3:30 and got us back to the ship in about 30 minutes. 

good bye Lahaina...we had fun here today!

sugar cane factory on drive back to ship from Lahaina

After all our walking today we thought it would be relaxing to sit in the hot tub for awhile...we ended up hanging out there for an hour and a half!!! The water wasnt too hot...just nice and cosy warm like a bathtub.  We enjoyed visiting with different passengers and watched the sunset and experienced the ship leaving from the dock at Maui all while sitting in the hot tub.  We finally bumped into my childhood family friends the Kuehn's while in the hot tub too and had a fun visit with them! 

Then we showered and got dressed for dinner.  At 7pm we went to the Skyline restaurant for dinner.  I had the terriyaki chicken pineapple skewers for an appy, Coq au Vin for entree and chocolate mousse for dessert.  Greg had appys: tomatillio/avacado chilled soup, spring rolls (I shared with him!) and Prime Rib for Entree and for dessert coconut cream pie! 

the staircase leading up to the Liberty Dining Room from Skyline Dining Room

some pretty cool lighting in the Skyline

At 8:15 Greg ran off to the upper deck to participate in the Hawaiian Star Gazing class...and I opted to stay and finish my dessert ;) and met him up there when I was done.  The two Hawaiian ambassadors on the ship were leading the class...but apparently it is a new activity and they werent too sure of what they were doing Greg pulled out his binoculars and his ipod star map and started pointing out constellations to the other people attending the class.  They even saw the Andromeda Gallaxy through the binoculars.  There was just a small crescent moon on the horizon so it was nice and dark for star gazing.  The hawaiian ambassadors were so appreciative for Greg's help teaching the class that they both gave him a kiss on the cheek and said Mahalo several times.  I think that made his day :)

Then we went to the Hollywood Theater to see the comedian show by Kermet Apio.  He was hilarious.  We sat in the front row and had a lot of fun at that show!!

Then we went to the Mardis Gras Lounge for the "Dancing with the America Stars" competition.  They had crew who volunteered and they matched them up with passengers who volunteered.  They didnt get any time to practice...just put them all out on the dance floor at once...about 8 couples.  The music would change genres every few minutes and the dancers had to improvise and entertain the crowd.  It was quite the sight!  The winning couple won a bottle of champagne...lots of laughs...and the rest of the cruise whenever we saw her we would say "hey there's dancing Debbie!!" :)

Greg's thoughts on Maui Day 2:
too much walking in Lahaina
town was neat
but our most "boring" day all week
"the Window": TWO thumbs UP!!!
Called the kids for the first time all week...
that was awesome!
Star Gazing and Hawaiian Ambassador kisses!
Laughed a lot at Dancing Competition
it was ridiculous...
and glad to hang out more with
Vince & Rita
our Aussie friends!

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