Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 1 Sat Nov 6, 2010 Honolulu

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6am Got up, showered and finished packing!
7:30 Grandma Judy drove us to the airport
8am arrived at PDX
We got through all the lines and security fine and waited at the gate to board the plane.  Had a yogurt and banana while waiting.
9:30 boarding started
10:15 departure!
We flew in a 767 Row 34 (of 46) in the middle section across
The only free meal option was a ham/cheese sandwich
We kept ourselves occupied with books, music, games on the Ipod
too excited to nap :)
5 hours and 45 minutes later we arrived at Honolulu
It was about 1pm Hawaii time when we landed.
Seemed like a long flight and felt cramped, bored and tired during the last couple of hours particularly.

Picked up kite upon exiting the plane where all the strollers are brought up and it survived the trip in one peice!
Got our luggage fine...open air airport and it felt a bit warm and muggy right away.
We had to wait about 30 minutes for the Roberts shuttle bus to pick us up (we had just missed the previous one apparently)
Didnt have the "vouchers" we were supposed to have even though we pre-paid and reserved it through our travel agent.  But the bus driver got us on his cell phone with his main office and we were able to confirm over the phone and get our resevation number.
Should have had $1 bills for tipping ready but hadnt had time to do that in advance.
Got to Pier 2 NCL at about 2:30
We went through the check in process swiftly and easily and got the embarkation photo taken...I'm sure we will look tired and will not want to purchase that photo!
One lady was holding a basket of orchid flowers and was handing them out to all the females to tuck behind their ear.  We learned if you tuck it behind your right ear you are single, left ear you are taken/married...left closest to the heart and wedding ring finger.  There were jokes about placing the flower on top of your head it meant you were married / taken but looking for an upgrade!
We got on the ship and our room was waiting and ready so we went there straightaway to drop off our bags and get settled/unpack a little bit.  The room is small as we remembered from our last cruise, but it is clean and well organized with lots of storage space.  Inside cabin #8685.
We then proceeded to the Aloha Cafe for a meal before they closed at 4pm. It was quite busy and crowded.  Great selection and variety of food choices available.
I had pulled pork, mashed taters, brocoli and a slice of pizza.  Then I had fresh pineapple and melon...so sweet...and a peice of chocolate raspberry cake.
At 4:30 we went to the Muster Drill
It wasnt so bad.  Last cruise you had to put on the lifejackets and meet on a crowded outdoor deck space.  THIS time we simply went to a pre determined meeting point based on your room number.  Ours was in the Liberty Dining Room on the 6th floor.  We all sat and listened to the safety guidelines and watched as our Muster Drill leader demonstrated how to put on and inflate a life vest. We clapped and he bowed and they did roll call to make sure we all were in attendance. (there is another drill on monday if you miss the drill on saturday)
After the Muster Drill we took a NAP for 1.5 hours :)
When we woke up we showered and got dressed and went up to the top deck to watch as the ship left the harbor at 7pm.
It was all dark already and we saw all the lights of Honolulu city as we sailed away. 
It was warm and windy!

Then to dinner at the Skyline Restaurant on the 5th floor.  Its casual dressy...Liberty is the fancier one.
Appetizers: roasted pineapple with coconut and whip cream mojito
Entrees: I had steak, Greg had lamb.
Dessert: Bavarian chocolate cream dessert
After dinner we went to the Hollywood Theater for the Second City improv/comedy show (plus "Fountains" by crew members)...it was quite Hilarious!!! and we sat in the very front row...this became habit/tradition every night for all the shows...with our new friends from Australia Vince & Rita...and we also got to know Mandy & Butch other front row groupies!!
After the show ended we walked the upper deck to look at the stars....warm and windy and no sign of land or lights in the distance in any direction.

Greg's comments from today:
Dang it...Honolulu looks like LA
but the amazing rainbows along the hillside on the ride from the airport to the ship were amazing.

How can people be grumpy on a cruise ship in Hawaii?
(referring to the pushing crowds in the Aloha Buffet area)

Second City Comedy show was a lot of fun...especially Hillary!

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  1. Just love this blog, you narratives are so wonderful, mahalo nui Sher and Greg